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Old Family Pictures

Last month I spent some time going through a box of old pictures and other memorabilia left to me by my grandmother, Mabel Esther Austin Gibson. I scanned a lot of papers, cool things like her 1926-1928 college transcript. I also found a lot of pictures, many of which were labeled, and I have […]

It’s the Little Things

Every day some little thing reminds of my dad and how much I miss him. Yesterday morning, it was pancakes sizzling in the frying pan. When we were growing up on Nutt Road, if you smelled pancakes, you knew Dad was cooking.

These are buckwheat pancakes that I made for my breakfast. Dad’s […]

Thinking of My Grammy

Today would have been my Grammy’s 105th birthday! I have a lot of fond memories of my dad’s mom, including her molasses cookies (her cookie jar was always full!) and playing the card game Kings in the Corners with her. I still have her cookie jar, but I don’t remember how to play Kings […]