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Pickling Peppers and Pesto

One of the ways that I am fostering contentment is by doing things that give me a more settled in, homey feel to life. My August goals of decluttering, organizing and setting up a guest bedroom have gone a long way to making both Bill and I happier here in this house. I often […]


Finally! I have had a few tomatoes from my two plants, just enough to whet my appetite for more. And finally there are more!

This was yesterday’s tomato harvest. As you can see, my banana peppers are also producing well.

My one lone zucchini plant is looking great, which is rewarding, […]

Busy Weekend in Phoenix

We spent this past weekend in Phoenix for a multitude of ventures, all of which were successful! While Bill was taking another certification test (he passed), I spent a few hours shopping with my cousin Reb. She helped me hunt for crochet and crochet-jewelry-making supplies. I think she was a little too helpful! We […]