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2011 Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

Clogging Thoughts

No, I’m not thinking about kitchen drains or bathroom toilets. I’m wondering why I continue taking clogging lessons each week, you know, the dancing that is all foot work? Sometimes called buck dancing or jigging? I just survived another class, barely survived.

Lessons began again three weeks ago. I’ve been going in early, catching […]

2010 Recap – Personal Growth Goals

Off all the areas that I have recapped these past several days, this one of personal growth feels the least successful. Since we moved here in October 2009 I have felt adrift, with no purpose and no sense of direction to my life.

I know that some of my disquiet this past year […]

Mammogram and then Party Time!

Interesting contrast today. This morning I have a retake of last week’s Mammogram. The doctor wanted more views of the right side, so back I go this morning for another session of squeezing and flattening and “hold your breath.” Not fun at all. Bill is worried about the retake (that’s his job, I think, […]