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The Drive to Fort Bowie

While it is only a few miles (by Arizona standards) from Faraway Ranch in the Chiricahua National Monument to Fort Bowie National Historic Site, it is arguably some of the prettiest landscape you will see in southeastern Arizona.

Looking southeast, In the distance are the Chiricahua Mountains and the Chiricahua National Monument […]

Faraway Ranch at Chiricahua National Monument

Bill and I have talked several times of visiting Fort Bowie, a National Historical Site in the Chiricahua Mountains, but since it entails hiking, which always seems like a lot of work, we had not done so. At least not until last Saturday! For some reason, we both decided that NOW was the time! […]

Horseshoe 2 Wildfire – 365 – 138

I mentioned on my May 9th More Wildfires post about the Horseshoe 2 wildfire that began on May 8th. Mostly our wind has been from the west, so we have not experienced much of the smoke from that fire. Yesterday I took these pictures looking off to the east.

You can see […]