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Just A Moment – Forty-Seven

In May the Master Gardener’s had a Garden Tour and those gardens are reopened this fall, one each Friday, to the Master Gardener’s. It’s fun to see the gardens in their Autumn Attire, rather the Sparkling Springtime newness.

Here’s three pictures from last week’s and this week’s gardens.

There are many layers to this grouping: Sweet potato vine and profusion zinnias in the front, the pink and green cleome and light purple Mexican petunias in the back, and then the dark purple of morning glories in the very back.

A border of Turk’s Cap – the hummingbirds love the red flowers. I bought one of these plants on sale last night at Lowe’s – the label says 5’ x 5’. But I saw one today that was easily taking up a 12’ x 12’ area. I think I know where I can plant mine, but I’ll likely have to trim it from time to time.

American Beautyberry bush – the bright berries against the green leaves is very striking. I’m told you can make jam from the berries.

Book Review of Push Not The River, by James Conroyd Martin

I read this book as part of the 2017 European Reading Challenge.

Push Not The River*, by James Conroyd Martin

(The Polish Trilogy, Book 1)

(*Amazon Affiliate link)

Push Not The River is the first book in The Poland Trilogy.  This novel is based upon a real diary of a Polish countess, Anna Berezowska, who lived through the turbulent rise and fall of the Third of May Constitution, 1791 – 1794.  In addition of first hand accounts of the political changes attempted in Poland during that time, Anna’s story is also a love story.

The ruling classes of Poland are divided in how to respond to the libertarian ideas the French Revolution has unleashed.  Many want to give more freedoms to the lower classes through the Third of May Constitution, and many more believe that tighter restrictions are in order.  Combine those opposing forces with a weak King and the Empress Catherine of Russia as an acquisitive neighbor, and war is inevitable.

I enjoyed learning about the customs of the Polish people, both the aristocracy and the lower classes, through Anna’s eyes, and I look forward to reading the rest of her story in Against A Crimson Sky and The Warsaw Conspiracy.

New Fencing

The fencing crew arrived this morning and we have new fencing, a new gate, and my alcove for the compost bins.  Unfortunately, they left before checking with us and I don’t consider the job quite finished.  I’ll be talking to the main contractor about that and I’m sure he’ll make it right.  I’m not worried, and it’s not a big thing, nothing we can’t fix ourselves should we decide to do so.

From the Street





From the Backyard looking at the old gate

Old Gate


From the backyard looking at the newly opened up side yard.

The old gate is gone!


I have big plans for the wide open green space in the side yard – vegetables and such.

From the back door looking towards the compost area before the alcove.

Old compost area


From the back door looking at the compost area with the new alcove.

View from the back door with new compost alcove area


See those rails sticking out to the left?  They were supposed to be finished off at the metal post and then the post covered with a couple of pickets, like the one on the corner.  That would look finished to me.  Plus they left behind one metal post, unused, leaning up against the fence (you can see it there in the background).

Oh, and we wanted that side open, or at least we think we did.  The idea is to use it for trellising green flowering vines there.