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Just A Moment – Forty-Eight

Happy first day of Autumn!

Review of The Klone and I by Danielle Steel

I am participating in several reading challenges, one being the 100 Bestsellers List.  Here is my review of The Klone and I by Danielle Steel.

This post does not contain spoilers.

The Klone and I* by Danielle Steel

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Years and years ago I read several of Danielle Steel’s novels.  I remember enjoying her themes of women struggling to combine career and family and love, trying to have it all.  The women seemed strong and independent, and at the end of the day, the importance of family bonds was always the most important thing.  At least that’s how I remember her novels.  After reading The Klone and I, I have to wonder just how reliable my memory is.

Stephanie, the main character in The Klone and I was a disappointment in many ways. She is indecisive, inattentive, self-centered, and naïve.  I suppose being naïve is not a bad thing, but reading about someone that naïve after the life experiences she had gone through – divorce, raising children – made her unbelievable.  Maybe it was the trust fund that enabled her to go through life without seeming to really commit to life.

And speaking of unbelievable, shall we discuss Paul, the clone?

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Tuesday Workout

No need for a gym for me today.  I lugged 50-pound bags of gravel, pavers, and big ceramic pots of plants around the yard in 80+ degree heat.  I now have one half of the compost bin area finished (right side).  Next up, empty the top half of the left bin into the right bin, empty the rest of the finished compost, then set up the base for the right left compost bin.  Progress, a little bit most every day.


Speaking of progress, look what we got working last night!


It’s not quite perfect, but a darn sight better from the teeny tiny trickle that was coming out on Saturday.  We’ll run it a bit each day and hopefully the remaining roots in the system will rot away and flush out.