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Three Sisters

I recently read a book titled The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor Brown, and while this is NOT a review of that book, it might be a good title for the pictures I’m posting.  Both of these pictures were taken this month.  The first is a picture of my mom on the left and my […]

Sewing Project Finished!

Last Friday’s Just a Moment was the beginnings of a sewing project. I haven’t used my sewing machine in years and it has been even longer since I did anything more than simple mending with it. We’re talking decades here! And I have never taken an existing item and copied it, making my own […]

Old Family Pictures

Last month I spent some time going through a box of old pictures and other memorabilia left to me by my grandmother, Mabel Esther Austin Gibson. I scanned a lot of papers, cool things like her 1926-1928 college transcript. I also found a lot of pictures, many of which were labeled, and I have […]