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Recipe Organization

Are you continually saving and printing new recipes you find online? They look so yummy and how will you ever remember to try them if you don’t print them? And then you end up with piles of paper and still no new recipes are tried? That was me a few years ago until I […]

September Goals Review

I did not do well on my September goals, modest as they were.

Goal One – Sing out loud every day. I did manage to do this frequently, but certainly not every day. I had the most success when I was listening to The Carpenters CD, especially Karen Carpenter’s version of “Ticket to […]

More Family Pictures

I made it through the last of my boxes to sort yesterday, condensing three boxes into two boxes. Most of the contents of these turned out to be pictures and correspondence and kid’s childhood mementoes, like karate certificates and such. I didn’t throw out anything, just repacked, reminisced, and saved out a few special […]