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Four Year Anniversary

Four years ago today, October 3, 2009, Bill and I arrived in Sierra Vista, Arizona. So much has changed in the four years, but not my desire to be back where it is green and lush and where my granddaughters live. I’m content in the moment, but not complacent. There have been good times here and we’ve made some good friends, but I’ve missed so much by not being there. Too much. And so the work continues in the quest to move back east. Arizona, you are a great place to visit, but I’ve visited long enough and it is time for me to go home!

Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island, Florida, 2009

Thursday’s Treasures – Shell Pendant

I am a farmer’s daughter. As a child in rural upstate New York, the outdoors was my delight and sometimes my refuge. Watching the weather, paying attention to the lay of the land, delighting in well-tended fields and orchards, all of these are in my blood and are likely some of the reasons I feel more at home in an agricultural area than I do in desert or mountains.

Yet, there’s always this pull towards the sea. And I blame that on my childhood also. You see, if my dad had had a successful year of farming, we spent two weeks in Florida at some point during the winter, usually in January or February. And that time was spent mostly on the beach – day after lazy day of walking the beaches, digging sand castles, playing in the surf of the Gulf, and collecting shells. My step-mother, Norma, became an avid collector and we all learned to identify many different kinds of shells. Decades later, I still cannot walk a beach without looking down and trying to spot a sand dollar or a fan or a cowrie or a cat’s paw. And to find a whole nutmeg? What a coup!

After a few trips to Florida, Norma began to make shell jewelry with all the shells we had collected. I still have this fan pendant that she made sometime during the 1970s, along with several other shell pendants.

I wore these shell pendants all the time as a teen, but over the years they got pushed to the back of my jewelry boxes and at this point, this fan is the only one not in storage. I think it is time to find a chain for it and begin wearing it again!

Things I Miss

Today seems to be a blue day for me, I suspect because Munchkin’s birthday was yesterday and I wasn’t able to be with her. I did get to Skype with her a bit, so that was nice. At least it helped with yesterday. Today, not so much.

So, I think I’ll post my favorite Munchkin picture and some ocean and green trees pictures.

Miss Munchkin

Munchkin, May 2007, Alligator Point, Florida. Her very first experience with ocean surf and she loved it.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island, Florida. March 2009.

Southwood, Tallahassee, Florida

Plantations Oaks around the Southwood lake, Tallahassee, Florida. June 2009.

Now time to put on some lively Celtic music and chase these blues away!

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