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Crazy Weather

The phrase “The air that you wear” usually refers to humidity here in the South. But every morning last week it meant fog. It would roll in sometime after midnight and hang around till 9 or later, until the sun burnt it off. Friday the fog was so low that I could feel it […]

Holiday Decorations

We put our Christmas tree up over the weekend. I had intended to go back to Alabama last week and retrieve our decorations, but due to car issues, that did not happen. Instead we went and bought new decorations, which was probably actually cheaper than the cost of the gas driving to AL and […]


I recently read a topic on Amy’s Live, Learn, Knit blog titled What Brings You Joy? In her post Amy mentioned a book she had read, Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer, which I have added to my “must read” list. During this past week’s marathon NaNo writing, I found myself often […]