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January 2018 Goals

In my One Little Word 2018 post I mentioned some vague goals for 2018. I’ve actually done some goals planning and personal discovery activities that are in my InnerGuide 2018 planner.  I’ve been using this planner for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve actually done some of the beginning year exercises.  It always feels a little odd (uncomfortable?) doing activities like that, but I know it helps to have goals and such written down.  It’s actually one of the reasons I blog – more than once I have found it helpful to look back at blog posts to remember what I have done, what I intended to do, etc.

Instead of listing a whole year of goals here, I’m going to try just listing a few goals for January and then review that at the end of the month and go from there.

  • Work towards finishing the auction/probate legal stuff on my dad’s estate
  • Catch up Quicken
  • Start a new blog for book reviews – set up my name website, find a new theme to use
  • Continue regular blogging
  • Finish the 2017 crocheted snowflakes – block & starch
  • Crochet the 2018 snowflake ornaments
  • Do one picture project – watch for a future blog post on picture projects for 2018

I should add something about garden planning in here, but I know that Quicken is going to take up a huge amount of my time, as will the new book review blog set up, so any garden planning done will be a bonus.

Embroidered with initials & year,
ready to be blocked & starched.


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