Upscale Slouchy Hat

I saw a free pattern for this Upscale Slouchy Hat at Hobby Lobby the other day and couldn’t resist.

Upscale Slouchy Hat

Upscale Slouchy Hat

I modified it, crocheting the band of single crochets instead of slip stitches – I just couldn’t get the hang of working slip stitches on top of slip stitches.  As a result of the modification, it took more than one skein to work up, with the last two rows worked from the second skein.

Here I am modeling the hat:

slouchy hat model

And I love this picture of me, looking at me, looking at me, looking at me….

Who's looking at who?

Who’s looking at you?

I’m not sure who is going to get this hat.  Maybe I’ll have to think again about setting up my Etsy store, because I bought more yarn to make more hats.  Call me crazy.


  1. Here’s me looking at you, looking at you, looking at you, looking at you. Not sure I got the count or pronouns right. I adore the hat and like the pictures with you in them. That sounds creepy, doesn’t it. lol

  2. So I’m reading CG about her looking at you, who is looking at yourself multiple times….

    And I’m on a different continent so I’m sure that makes it more complicated 😉

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