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Granddaughter Snowflakes 2012 Edition

Last Christmas I started a new tradition of crocheting snowflakes for my granddaughters.

Here are the 2012 snowflakes, which I will be giving the granddaughters next Christmas along with their 2014 snowflakes.

2012 Granddaughter Snowflakes

Fiona 2012 Snowflakes

Granddaughter 2012 Snowflakes

Liana’s 2012 Snowflakes

I hope to continue making these throughout the coming year and get Fiona caught up (or back) to her birth year. That means I need to make six more sets of snowflakes for her. I will probably make Liana’s sets at the same time and date them for future years.

The pattern I used was Sewemup Mesa Snowflake, which I also used last December when I made these snowflakes for my niece to celebrate her first Christmas being engaged to her fiancé Alex.

Chelsea's Engagement Snowflakes

Engagement Snowflakes

You can see I embroidered their initials on one snowflake (C for Chelsea, A for Alex) and also the date of their first official Christmas together.

Sewemup Mesa Snowflake 2.5 inch snowflake

Sewemup Mesa Snowflake 2.5 inch snowflake

This same pattern makes a second snowflake by only crocheting the first three rounds.

I do need to figure out the best way to take photos of these snowflakes. It seems like I either have the shadow of my hands in the photo or the background isn’t quite right and therefore doesn’t capture the details of the snowflakes well. I think the best so far was the blue background I used on Chelsea’s Engagement snowflakes. Now to just remember what that was that I used!

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