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Thankful Sunday, February 21, 2014

I began a Gratitude Journal in February. I’ve done this in the past with dismal success, but this time around I seem to be sticking with it. Here it is the 21st of the month and I have entries on fifteen days – pretty good considering I actually started on the 5th of February.

So Sunday’s will be the day I post a few of the gratitudes from the previous week that seem to have the most meaning or sum up the events of the week. And maybe post a granddaughter picture, because I am always thankful for both of my granddaughters.

I’m thankful for ….

… finally getting a blog schedule set up

… a great chiropractor

… a husband who suggest take-out when I’m not feeling well

… Daytona Speed Week television coverage

Liana dressed for snow

Liana enjoying a (rare) snow day in Alabama.

Liana dressed for cold weather and Alabama snow!

What (or who) are you thankful for?

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