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What Day Is It?

This has seemed like a very long week and yet, here it is, Thursday already! I had to check my computer calendar to see whether it was Wednesday or Thursday. We are in limbo, waiting for an email response that will determine the events of the next several months. I hate limbo. It feels like my whole four plus years here in Arizona have been a perpetual state of limbo. Well, maybe not the very first year we were here, but certainly since May of 2011. I am so tired of it.

One thing I am doing (other than the usual routine stuff, buying groceries, crocheting, house cleaning, wasting time on Facebook) is playing Go with David. We set up a game last week and I should have given up, yelled “I surrender!” several days ago, but no, not me. I’m going down kicking and screaming, refusing to give in.

Go board game

This is what the board looked like this morning. As you might guess, I am white, David is black. The bins on the right side of the board are the captured pieces. The white piece on the bottom left corner indicates that it is my turn to play. David is much better at this game than he was at Scrabble! I think I need to dig the Pente board out and see if I can beat him at that!

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