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September Goals Review

I did not do well on my September goals, modest as they were.

Goal One – Sing out loud every day. I did manage to do this frequently, but certainly not every day. I had the most success when I was listening to The Carpenters CD, especially Karen Carpenter’s version of “Ticket to Ride.” Adele, also, is good to sing along with, as is John Denver. This is a goal that I intend to keep working on, as it really is a mood booster for me.

Goal Two – Play more with making jewelry. I did buy more jewelry making supplies, but that is about as far as my “play” went. I have been making a special gift for a special cousin and that really did take most of my crocheting time this month.

Goal Three – Set up an Etsy store. This definitely did not happen and I don’t see it happening for quite some time. Some upcoming business decisions are going to curtail any free time for a while, along with impending travel plans. Cross Etsy store off my list of being even a thought right now.

Goal Four – Get back into the habit of daily exercise. This did not happen either. I know it would have been helpful to relieve the stress that I have been feeling the last two weeks of September.

As you can see, not much was accomplished in September. I did sort through the last boxes that were in my August decluttering project and got everything organized and packed away. There’s a couple of piles left to deal with, one of empty picture frames and one of frames with pictures in them, but otherwise, that second room is organized and usable.

I am not setting any goals for October. Just getting through the next two months, with travel plans, the legal issues I have to deal with in Alabama, and business plans to implement will be more than enough for me to handle without trying to remember any extra goals.

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