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Beaded Jewelry Class Success

Saturday I took a two-hour Beginning Beading class to learn how to make a beaded necklace and earrings set. The teacher provided all the supplies we needed (clasps, wire, fill-in beads, tools, etc.) and all we needed to bring was our own beads. I wasn’t exactly sure what was needed, so I waited until the instructor came in to ask what type of beads would be needed, and then purchased mine from Crafted Luxuries, the craft store where the class was held. I had a particular outfit in mind that I wanted to make the necklace for, so it took a little while to pick out what I thought would work together. I chose some green beads that looked similar to jade and then some simple white beads. I was very pleased with the results.

I had such fun! I told Bill later that day that I wasn’t sure if this class had just saved him a lot of money or cost him a lot of money. He seemed pretty sure it would be that latter choice. He’s probably right! I have so many ideas! I will need tools and supplies and beads and … Oh my!

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