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Finally! I have had a few tomatoes from my two plants, just enough to whet my appetite for more. And finally there are more!

This was yesterday’s tomato harvest. As you can see, my banana peppers are also producing well.

My one lone zucchini plant is looking great, which is rewarding, considering how much effort it took to get one zucchini plant to survive! I have four yellow squash plants in various stages of growth, but only one zucchini. Likely that one will be more than enough once it begins producing squash!

The lettuce in the planter that was “tossed” is doing well.

Not all survived transplanting, but most did and I have harvested a small amount from this planter. Luckily I have more lettuce growing in one of the flower beds that is producing well. I don’t have nearly enough lettuce to supply the amount we use, but it is a nice supplement and I know it is fresh!

And I have more lettuce planted in the second three-tiered container garden.

I put the trellis for the beans up on Monday, not a day too soon. Blossoms are forming and beans will be setting before too long. I think we’ll have fresh beans again by Labor Day!

My container of petunias is certainly thriving! I love the shades of purples and pinks that the two different types of petunias created.

I have noticed that my level of contentment has risen to a new high level. I wonder if it has anything to do with my gardening?

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