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Too Many Crocheting Ideas

Monday I was following links online (America’s favorite exercise?) and discovered a Picture Tutorial on How to Crochet a Heart. I don’t quite know why, but the hearts got me to thinking about making/crocheting a necklace, something that I have never attempted before. I was doing so much thinking/planning, that I couldn’t sleep that night and ended up getting up at 1 a.m. and sketching out my ideas on paper. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours working on the necklace, only to decide that I didn’t have it figured out as much as I originally thought and ended up tearing it all apart.

I have been making hearts, though, while I cogitate on what needs to be done differently with the necklace. Here are sixty hearts in pink, red and white. Aren’t they cool?

I am using regular Size 10 crochet thread, but I can already see that if I go a lot further in this jewelry crocheting project that I will need some softer yarn than what I have on hand.

I have my new plan all written down/sketched out and will begin working on it again tonight. This is such new territory for me: I have never before attempted jewelry, nor have I attempted creating my own crochet design in anything. Wish me luck!! I really can’t afford to spend a lot of time on this project, what with a baby blanket only about one-third done.

I did finally use up all the yarn remnants from my Christmas gift scarf-making frenzy. I know how one full-sized scarf and five skinny scarves in my stash.

Here they are all folded up.

And here are the skinny scarves, full length. The colors showing here on this second picture are not very accurate; the first picture has much truer colors.

These scarves are super soft. I should start up an Etsy store and sell them, but I’ll probably just end up giving them away as gifts. I have tried wearing them, but while I love crocheting scarves and love how they look on other people, I find I am just not a scarf person.

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