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Monday Morning Walk May 16 – 365 – 136

Monday morning was glorious. Blue sky, warm sun, gentle breeze; you couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning in which to walk.

cactus bloom

May is my favorite month here in southeast Arizona. The days finally warm up to the 80s, vegetation gets green, and everything blooms. Here is another variety of cactus in blossom.

mulberry tree

Mulberries above!

mulberries on the sidewalk

Mulberries below!

mesquite tree

A mesquite tree ready to drop pollen.


Pretty gold flowers.


For my Wild About Ants fellow blogger.


The wash that divides our neighborhood from the one to the south. During the monsoons, this actually has water in it at times!


You can see from the size of the drainage hole that a fair amount of water is expected. There is also a hiking trail that begins up towards the top right of the picture. You can hike through the wash area down to the next major street. We have hiked it a couple of times, but so many people use it with their dogs and also horses that you really have to watch where you walk.

Huachuca Mountains

Looking south towards the Huachuca Mountains.

Huachuca Mountains

And panning slight to the right, from south to southwest, looking at the Huachuca Mountains. The view of these mountains is something that I will definitely miss when we move away.

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