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Afghan Progress – 365 – 077

I have four granny squares done on my new crochet project, the Blended Granny Lapghan.

crocheted granny squares

I love how it looks, but I am not so confident that it is going to be something my nephew would like. The colors seem more “girlish”. I do plan to use the dark red as the “joining” color, so there will be a lot more of the dark read showing around the squares and around the whole afghan when done. What do you think?

Bill and I have been walking every evening for the last few weeks. If I don’t remember to grab my camera when we head out the door, he reminds me to do so! Last night we saw this kitty cat.

kitty cat

Most cats here remain indoors due to hawks. Closer to the mountains where there’s more wildlife, it’s due to coyotes and even the occasional mountain lion has been spotted.

tree silhouette

I took this silhouette of our backyard tree, looking from the covered patio towards the sunset. You can see that the tree is just ready to burst forth with leaves. It’s been covered with bees the past couple of weeks, so much so that it sounds like a beehive out there during the day.

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