December 2010 Highlight Reel

In December, there were memories to preserve:

  • Sorting through and scanning my Grammy’s drawings and paintings.
  • A surprise 75th birthday party for my dad in Alabama.
  • Spending several days in Alabama with family, including our son & daughter-in-law whom we had not seen in a year and a half.
  • Exchanging Christmas gifts with our granddaughter, Miss Munchkin.
  • Eating stuffed B-B-Q potatoes at Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur, Alabama, with our children.
  • Celebrating son David’s 23rd birthday with cashew chicken, chocolate trifle and presents.
  • Receiving Christmas jewelry from Bill, the first since our wedding rings over thirty-one years ago.
  • • Being able to include current family pictures in this year’s Christmas card

In December, there were things that deserved editing:

  • Sorting through belongings at our home in Alabama that had been trashed by vandals.
  • Bill catching a nasty cold while on vacation that has lasted the whole last half of the month.
  • Learning I have a thyroid issue that will require medication for the rest of my life.

In December, there were the moments that hold our lives together:

  • Holiday shopping, decorating and succeeding in mailing most of the Christmas cards before Christmas.
  • Paying the bills and trying to find the top of my desk, again!
  • Stocking up on groceries after emptying the refrigerator in preparation for our week away.

In December, there were mountains climbed:

  • 12 Musings blog posts.
  • I started practicing the guitar daily, although it may be too soon to post since it has only been the last few days of the month.
  • One personal growth exercise actually put to paper, resulting in some very noticeable trends that warrant future contemplation.
  • One decision made concerning the Leaping website that had been long put off.

In December, there were pitfalls to overcome:

  • Only 1 Leaping blog post and 0 Racing Blog posts.
  • I played mindless games online too often.


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