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Parker Canyon Lake revisited

What to do on a Sunday now that the NASCAR season is over for the year? Drive, of course! We took a short Sunday afternoon drive to Parker Canyon Lake and the backside of Mount Huachuca. It was an overcast day, not a good picture taking day, so I only took a few.

Anyone know what type of tree these leaves belongs to? I’m assuming an oak of some sort, even though my first thought was holly. These trees are everywhere!

tree leaves

Is this an oak?

The lake was practically deserted, especially compared to our visit last spring, when there were many boats on the lake and many more families and fisherman enjoying the shores of the lake.

Parker Canyon Lake December 2010

Parker Canyon Lake December 2010

Parker Canyon Lake May 2010

Parker Canyon Lake May 2010

There were lots of ducks and other water birds on the lake.

ducks on the lake

ducks on the lake

These ducks were all black and very camera shy.

Here are a couple more pictures from our May 2010 visit.

Parker Canyon Lake dock area

Parker Canyon Lake main area, May 2010

Parker Canyon Lake entrance sign

Parker Canyon Lake entrance sign

Parker Canyon Lake

The mountains in the distance are Mexico.

And this picture is of the west side of Mount Huachuca (we live on the east side), taken May 2010. This is one of the pictures that I have scrolling on my blog mast.

The Huachuca Mountains

The Huachuca Mountains

I hope you enjoyed our Sunday jaunt!

2 comments to Parker Canyon Lake revisited

  • Yes, your plant is an oak, genus Quercus. I thought it first it might be a scrub live oak, Quercus turbinella, because of the holly-like leaves, but it isn’t blue enough. My best guess is Quercus emoryi, the Emoryi oak.

    We have a lot of shrubby little oaks here.

    Love your pics. We have awful air pollution here. We don’t even want to go outside.

    • Thanks! I figured you would be able to tell me! 🙂 And yes, lots of shrubby little oaks. I miss the plantation oaks with the Spanish moss hanging from them. Now those are real trees!

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