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Site Facelift

If you are reading this post from the blog site, you will notice that it now has a fresh new look. If you are reading from a reader or email, click on through and come visit the site. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! And I want you to see the rotating header images, which took me several hours to get working! I will be adding more pictures next week, showcasing some of my photography. Enjoy!

I briefly considered changing the name of this blog while I was working updating its appearance. There still is an occasional musing occurring here, but rarely any mischief or mayhem! A more appropriate title might be “Mumblings, Mutterings and Mundane.” But maybe instead of changing the name, I should just do something to make life more exciting around here! Although with the stressful week Bill has had at work, he might not like that idea.

If you like the new look, leave me a comment!

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