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Miss Munchkin the Water Baby

I am back from my housing foray. Will write more about that later. But we do have a place to land when we get to Tallahassee!

Took Miss Munchkin to the Gulf. Boy, does she love water!

3 comments to Miss Munchkin the Water Baby

  • downtown guy

    Hey, welcome to Tally! I was just roaming through blogs and happened on yours. Nothing more adorable than a baby at the beach, huh? Especially when they first taste the water and get that funny surprised look on their little faces.

  • She sure is strange!

    OMG, she is precious!!!! I haven’t seen a pic in a while, haven’t been keeping up too well lately. That flowery purse a few posts ago is pretty cool too, do you have a pattern? Congrats on the new kitties, will they be staying behind or coming with? What about Penny? My kids want to know!LOL

  • Jen Unsell

    Hi Karen,
    My name is Jennifer Unsell and we are a homeschooling family in NC. We are working on moving back to Alabama (B-ham area). We lived in Tuscaloosa for 8 years. I was checking out your cover school and saw your link to your blog. It’s been fun to read about your family. I am pretty sure we will be enrolling with your C.S. Lewis School once we get moved down their. I love the name of the school by the way! My husband works in computers as well.

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